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*Somewhere in the county of Cork, Ireland a man named Denis Cronin (or Croneen?) married a lady named Johanna Hurley.
On Feb 01, 1839, in the Parish of Bantry, in County Cork, Ireland, their son Timothy John was born.
Timothy John Cronin left Ireland, and in Quincy Massachusetts, USA, on Oct 22, 1884, he married Ann Elizabeth "Lizzie" or "Lil" McGrath (born: Dec 13, 1851, in Boston).
At some point, they moved to Saint John, New Brunswick and had 6 children.
*- to the best of my knowledge currently.
This picture, taken at the McGrath family home in Quincy (according to unauthored and undated notes on the back of it), shows Timothy John (seated on left... again, according to the notes), Lizzie on the right, with their son Leonard Timothy ("Buppa" to some of us) in the middle holding his son Leonard Blake on his lap. The child on Timothy John's lap is possibly Connie. I don't know who is standing. (Possibly "Aunt Mollie"?)
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This pictorial "family tree" continues with a very large branch, from Leonard Timothy
(b: Jul 18, 1889 in St. John. - 3rd child of Timothy John and Lizzie), and his wife Elizabeth "Irene" (Nagle b:Feb 23, 1888),
and their 8 children (all born in Montreal Quebec):

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Leonard Blake
b: April 1, 1914
Irene & Leonard Timothy
"Nana" and "Buppa"
Married: June 11, 1913
Constance Marie
"Sis" "Connie"
b: Feb 15, 1916

John Fergus
b: Sep 18, 1918
Francis Norbert
b: Feb 6, 1921
Catherine Noreen
b: Sep 11, 1922

Rev. Richard Timothy
"Father Cronin" "Dick"
b: Aug 24, 1924
Anne Elizabeth
b: Apr 17, 1926
Lawrence Raymond
b: Oct 3, 1931

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